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christian louboutin uk Wrote on this subject , first think of " Water Margin" monk wrote a few words to the effect that : Monk is a word , the word is a monk, words ghost official music , four-character color in the hungry ghosts ; notes, the color of the people in the world but the monk ; poor guy every day before going to bed to see there is no meter meter tank for tomorrow's feeding concerns around pretty wife then there also were unable to enjoy ; rich families have a huge fortune out there , uphold worry incessantly , even if we have the United States and his wife Yan concubine ring out , too busy watching tours ; only monks , non-productive , do not work the body , do not worry about food and clothing , incense and prayers daily reception came to Miss Lady - both strong energy nowhere to vent can always touch a beautiful woman , combined , in the ancient feudal bondage ritual law , the monk is the only male women except normal contact with family , many factors superimposed together , and not simply an affair , heaven Yung . Only the " Water Margin ", " San Yan ", " Xiaolinguangji " , "Strange " and other works of classical narrative has focused on the story of a monk having an affair , even in modern times Mr. Wang Zengji your eyes are blurred beautiful people " ordained " christian louboutin uk inside the monks are also a wife to marry his wife , love of love . Literary works from real life , it seems , should defeat the various colors in Buddhist philosophy is the only quiet place , in reality, it has long been brilliant scarlet flowers and leaves decorated the situation .

In fact , we should not ignore there is a class of people , these people and monks equally noble theory and monk garb but essentially good wins , this is the literati . Ordinarily writers on the color thing should be much more than a monk calm calmly , and will not become a " ghost ." As a monk because of busy , and secondly because they were hungry - eat less than normal , once can not help but eat to the hungry ghosts Jihouhou phase ; literati not only a wife concubinage , and ancient Chinese literati is not ashamed to play with prostitutes Ye Yan - traditional literati friend 's wife must face Grossly, nose , nose view of the heart , expanse immediately once the flowers into the waves satirical play , straight to "Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves ," party pays "is the true celebrities from the romantic " of Gao , on this point , there are too many works of ancient poetry corroboration , not repeat them.

But is it all in the community be popular writers , not to mention Su Shi , Bai and other official , even Liu Yong , Guan Hanqing these career failure , with a skill in GouLan W Stanford , brothel Band still fared not eat or drink melancholy , christian louboutin uk romantic unabated. We do not forget , there are poor and unhappy life hardship and cling tightly stupid books students Furu , pearl -like compared with those scribes , as many of these nameless poor portrait sand paper , they will be reduced to "ghost " of the. Monk is the "color of the hungry ghosts ," literati "color of the beast ." Zhang Dai - the "Tao Dream Recollection July Westlake half" cited several other " named moon and moon do not look real person" , the machine will have to take advantage of the full moon peeking door Meifu scrubby literati . " Xiaolinguangji " There is a limerick to describe the poor scholar is spiteful , bear a close resemblance : " ridicule surnamed Ni - as his wife sitting in the den hand , this situation is not known to outsiders If the right hand for the left hand , is to stop his wife . another wife . a complex one Le Le Le a whole body bone tickles fans . dribs and drabs fall , the children and grandchildren have the surname mud ( Ni ) . " ...... cough , cough , a serious look at facial expressions , ah , the ancient literati so ... Bitter ah.

It is difficult to see the monk , scholar was able to see a lot - I would say that the writers are not just writers poets , but also all those engaged or interested in the cultural line of business people . Literati lust, lies idle, that no bone .

Born under the red flag , christian louboutin uk long in the new society where people really happy than the ancients , and now the writers do not control professional or amateur , never rich or poor, has a wife, a home , do not have "one of a Le Le Le complex one ," but with Like a monk , an idle word is still there. Roadside vendors from dawn to dusk , production line workers to stay up late working children , farmland diligent farmers, government politicians in deliberately not idle , even if it is not a serious hobby of writing literati . Scholars will busy, not busy write something , which is the body's idle ; afraid afraid of the brain is also busy , mixed identities , mixed with a job , mixed with a circle, not thinking about scaling the heights , just want to leisurely tour zai , body maintained properly , the brain bored itch. The ancients ' wealth can not be obscene " as a man of high standards , not knowing , not kinky idle more difficult. Originally on the rich literary imagination , and then leisurely fermentation, more flooding, no place to vent exuberant energy , passion imagine no goal, the sight of a beautiful woman, the emotional language like rambling swimming sperm male female crucian carp met immediately targeted excited. First from the perspective of aesthetics compliment your beauty, and then to miss the romantic love , then realism to tell the unfortunate marriage now , finally idealistic to say that I find you looking for a long, long time ...... With his pipe which "sin " shot out of his aesthetics, literature ,christian louboutin uk ideal also declared chime exhausted, leaving only one empty bladder. This is the most inferior literati lustful performance.

A little less profound scholar frivolous , but also a deeper and more indulge in fantasies do not pull drowning . Pingwa I appreciate the writer, but he wrote in a woman's genitals "waste " in a " stand together in prayer as monks , sitting as lotus petals open ," he wrote deficit out ! I read here, imagine trance when he wrote two sentences like , laugh. Pingwa so diligent writer like this, not to mention the other . "Fortress Besieged " in the Chu Shen Ming against large bureaucratic support, life abundant leisure , his mind filled with women , study mathematical logic see "posterior ( consequences deduced from antecedent ) " will be reminiscent of the hip , see the X mark will be think "kiss ( kiss ) ," he also really suffer . See my article, literary friends , you have received this sin? Who trained who knows. ( Prose reading :

Scholars use the thousands of years of human exploration through improved communication tool perfect - text, hold ordinary people can not have the right to speak , the article eternal things , moral people heart , literati ugly face of society and humanity , generously out of the pen such as Tigers forests, beasts listening , deep self- alert. This is rare in the backbone of the literati . Literati boneless , tired vulgar as a cat , a little fondling , woo woo meow meow . Talented and sensibility, and strong feelings , but there is no responsibility , conscience support, such as plump flesh lost skeleton , pickled paralysis onto the ground , can no longer bear , can not climb , can not afar , leaving only a pile of meat sensory nerve , there is no overstating the skeleton -type cells . See a flower that chant , the case of a woman that is poetry , fuss and consider themselves as talented , bulk ink Laocu of acid and fragrant breeze conscious . Mr. Lu had ridiculed such people , to the effect that : in order to determine their literary proposition is very easy to pull the skirt of a girl can try , see if the girl is the calf and romantic poetry , to see if the girl leg belly christian louboutin uk and elaborate aesthetic is classical .

Once I went to a newsroom , the old and the new X edit edit all the little woman is not only in the X edit , and asked , in the X edit facial expressions inexplicable and unpredictable, that they may typesetting room. I went to the typesetting room, pushed open the door into the room , looked from the working partition , see old X Editor at your computer, go straight past it to see the old X editing work cubicle hiding inside a small woman editor , the two although far from it open video chat , the old X edited on a computer also stood passion piece , I was rush into the whole thing . Old red X old head embarrassed , confused, little woman Wuzui eat laughing , I suddenly realized just inexplicable and unpredictable in the expression X edit what it means to learn from this , go directly to the office to find people never go to the front of the computer screen people . Think that the old X editing and homosexual colleagues sit offices for decades , a beautiful woman just like heaven , the old X brace , spring. Human nature can be understood . After minor edits small publication , the little colored things , a smile can be. However, this may be small, but also no air-bone , ideal annihilation and wallow boring trivial performance.

High identity may scourge big. Once, the Chinese Writers Association has a fancy half old writer , is filled with the charm of the bathroom in someone's home to make a woman pregnant , thinking of precipitation toilet in someone's home that can clog sewer popular writer. He can call his uncle coax female christian louboutin uk students to go to bed ; He leaned on a wide range of social relationships led young women everywhere literary folk songs , travel , overnight hotel , dictated by him , young women penned literary editor of the journal to his writing, royalties Thousand kiss, lights out after the nest paid ; youth visited his literary ideas are lost virginity.

Cited so many writers ugly , maybe people think writers really so unbearable . Definitely not . World men are lecherous , only the text of talent some soul , good and evil manifest . Lust is not a drawback , the lust leads to other aspects of the ugly personality is my object of criticism . I write this article not because I hate writers , because I wanted to write this article talent . Pi Prince gave two thousand civilian test under the fatal words: one for writers, would have no adequate concept . Scholars had better wake up self- ah.

This article was originally intended to be named " scholar and a woman ," but think I wrote these are ugly male scholars , regardless of a woman, a woman pulls it wrong . It has been written here, then it winded about male-female relationships . Traditional Chinese men and women get along has been stated above, the wife of a friend actually respectful men out of the respect that once blocked male authority disappeared in the meantime , the waves satirical play immediately . Assessment of Liang Xu: Even though involving flowers , but a mind free from prostitution . This sentence makes me christian louboutin uk very envious of Xu great wit suave , kinky stupid many times higher than the skin . In such a relationship, the man of joy , love a woman , it seems that this is the Chinese culture in the relationship between men and women can reach the highest realm. But I think this is still not the ideal state. Indeed, the Chinese have a lot of scholars , writers on the couple relationship marital harmony , faithful , such as Mr. Qian Zhongshu and Mr. Yang Jiang , but that 's a natural fit that not everyone destined to get. To analyze a set available from everyone learn philosophy used , at least write another article entitled " Man and Woman " article.

In a move to explore a little example , Tchaikovsky and Madame von Meck . Madame von Meck was Tchaikovsky Concert , at the time of its difficulty or his patron . Madame von Meck as a friend to understand and appreciate the woman's motherhood , protection of Tchaikovsky's musical genius , Tchaikovsky 's music is widowed Madame von Meck life sunshine. Tchaikovsky wrote the music first sent to Madame von Meck , in the quiet of her bedroom, carefully read music without playing days are reveling in the wonderful melodies . They correspondence, e-mail and from ten years but had never met , they lived in the same street . Once, they arranged a meeting in the letter. They sit in their carriage along opposite sides of the road driving, approaching , when the curtain lifted a corner of Madame von Meck , Tchaikovsky tribute to her waist slightly less . This is the only time in their lives saw each other.

This is an extreme example . But we still can christian louboutin uk learn from which to explore the criteria of an ideal relationship between men and women can be implemented : respect , understanding and appreciation. I have nearly middle age , knowing that I am to meet a person appreciate how rare opportunity, I will treasure this man. Not only me, others should be, I think .